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Hi there and welcome to my third build site. After building a Supercharged Ultima GTR, I decided that my next project should involve some wind in my hair, so the Ultima CanAm project has started and therefore, so has this site. Like my original (and ongoing) sites http://www.locost-racing.com and http://www.ultima-gtr.info, I hope I get all the useful stuff in and keep the useless stuff out!

I'm determined not to fall into the trap of letting the site go stagnant although updates can be a bit tricky sometimes, so the net ('scuse the pun!) result should be plenty of updates and I mean on a weekly (at least) if not daily basis. As part of this process, I've included a newsfeed which is updated daily. So remember to come back often for the latest in UK biased motoring news.

Latest news

Please email me any comments you have. I'm keen to make this as useful a resource as possible as well as recording my own efforts.



PS. For all things Automotive (with a heavy British bias!) check out the following link. An essential resource.

Pistonheads - Fast News, Fast.

PPS. Many, many thanks to Jon Pratchett (aka. Scoobs) for his help streaming the videos

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