Well, this is me. What can I tell you?

Why did I decide to build another Ultima? For me, well, I fell in love with the GTR when I visited Stoneleigh in 2000 to show my Locost to Which Kit's Ian Stent for an article. From that day, I knew that I wanted one.

But I didn't leap straight in to the world of Ultima building. This was my 4th build project.

The first was a rebuild of an old Dutton Malaga B+ which my mates and I prepared for trackdays (for the full story see pistonheads).

The Dutton was great but was never truly designed for pure track use and someone else had originally built it. What I wanted was the satisfaction of building something from the ground up (as much as possible) which was specifically oriented to track use. I'd read about the Locost series on the web and once I'd had a look at the sort of costs involved my mind was made up!

So the second project was the build of my race Locost which can be seen in detail at

I raced Sevens for 3 years but the spiralling costs and the realisation that, due to the pressures of my job, I couldn't commit enough time to it, meant that that my thoughts turned back to road/track cars and in turn, the Ultima.

So the 3rd build was a supercharged Ultima GTR, a complete build diary of which can be found at I built and ran the car, but eventually decided it to sell it as it was just too extreme for the road :).

But I had the Ultima bug, so it wasn't too long before the factory had convinced me to take on the challenges of building a convertible, a Can-Am. So here you are!

Finally some thank you's

Firstly, to Martin Tomsett - for his ongoing support in all my automotive follies

Secondly, to Karl Fisher - for the continued use of the 'van' and associated parts supply ;)

Thirdly, to my brother - for being a top bloke and running around for me getting bits whilst I run about working in Europe.

A last but by no means least, to my other half Helen and son Charlie - for being so patient and supportive whilst I am stuck in the workshop.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoy the site and come back often.